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Tipping the scales of Justice in your favor

 Carman L. Malone Attorney at Law


Experienced and Dedicated Trial Attorney

As an experienced litigator, who is committed to help my clients, I will make every effort to obtain the best results for my clients. Communication is key, so I will promptly return phone calls, explain the legal process and your options in clear and understandable terms, and keep you informed about progress on your case.  After determining your needs and goals I will establish the best course of action and fight to protect your rights by way of settlement or trial.

Every client benefits from Carman L. Malone's experience, professional leadership and her unique commitment to exceptional client service. 

Whether your legal issues involve, criminal matters, OWI, divorce, child custody, or infractions, Carman L. Malone is committed to providing high quality, aggressive legal representation to achieve an appropriate resolution of your case.

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